DealHub CPQ vs. Proposify

Dealhub CPQ and Proposify are two top-tier proposal generation and quote management platforms that both provide comprehensive solutions for businesses. The tools share some overlapping similarities, but their overall purpose and methodology differ—Proposify is much more targeted in its focus, while DealHub CPQ provides a wide range of features that cover the entire sales cycle. This article compares DealHub and Proposify to help you decide which platform suits your business needs.


Compare DealHub CPQ vs. Proposify

CPQ software is an essential tool in the sales stack. It helps sellers create accurate, up-to-date quotations and proposals quickly. Depending on the industry or vertical it targets, it may also include features like subscription management, automated 3D product configurations, ERP features, or sales enablement tools.

DealHub is a revenue lifecycle management hub for B2B sales teams, designed to help them close more deals and manage their entire revenue cycle from deal origination to post-sale. It offers a suite of modules designed for specific purposes, including CPQ, contract management (CLM), billing and subscription management, and a digital sales room.

DealHub’s native integration library includes the most advanced sales CRMs (Freshworks, HubSpot, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Dynamics), as well as Gong (sales intelligence) and DocuSign (document management). For all other custom integrations, DealHub’s no-code API integration allows you to integrate with any third-party system.

Proposify is a document generation software specializing in creating professional proposals, quotes, and contracts for prospects. Its document generation features are perfect for developing proposals,  NDAs, SOWs, and quotes. It comes with content blocks, customizable templates, and AI-driven approval processes, making it easy to create branded documents that can be sent out quickly.

Proposify also offers a few additional features like an interactive customer portal, client collaboration tools, and file-sharing capabilities. Its library of prebuilt integrations includes popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce and payment platforms like Stripe.

Product Overview

Overview of each CPQ Solution

Although Proposify and DealHub share some of the same features (document generation, proposal generation) their main purpose, core capabilities, and target audience differ.

Defining DealHub CPQ

DealHub is a complete sales and revenue management platform designed to help salespeople, marketers, and executives manage the entire sales cycle. Although the company serves customers in dozens of verticals and industries, the software creates an ideal selling experience for SaaS organizations.

At the beginning of the sales process, DealHub’s CPQ platform makes prospecting easier by syncing data with CRM systems, giving reps a clear idea of what their ICP looks like. As the sales process progresses, reps can create proposals quickly and accurately with accurate pricing calculations.

With DealHub, product configurations can be as complex and personalized as reps and account executives need them to be. And its collaborative sales engagement platform allows reps to create sales rooms, where they can collaborate with decision-makers in real time.

After closing a deal, automated billing and invoicing, subscription renewal, and contract management capabilities help reps keep track of customer accounts and ensure they stay on the books.

Defining Proposify

Proposify is a proposal, quote, and document generation software that specializes in creating professional documents with an emphasis on design. It helps sales teams create branded proposals quickly, accurately, and collaboratively.

The main idea behind the product is to give sales reps the ability to create beautiful and professional-looking documents that can be sent out quickly. Proposify comes with a library of content blocks, customizable templates, and AI-driven approval processes so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you send a proposal.

Proposify also has some additional features like client collaboration tools, the ability to add media to files, and automated approval workflows. Its library of prebuilt integrations includes popular CRM, project management, invoicing, payment, and email marketing software.

Product Features

Comparison of Key Features

When comparing the two products, DealHub and Proposify have a few tings in common. But DealHub is an all-in-one platform for sales teams to manage the entire quote-to-cash (QTC) cycle and post-purchase customer journey, while Proposify is a document generation software.

When it comes to features and capabilities, DealHub CPQ includes a comprehensive product configurator, collaborative sales engagement platform with real-time collaboration, quote creation and management tools, automated billing and invoicing, subscription renewal and contract management, and e-signature software.

At its core, Proposify only offers a few of these features: a proposal generator, e-sign platform, and templated documents come standard. But the features Proposify offers are offered to the fullest extent.

Document generation works for numerous kinds of business documents, including SOWs, one-of-one proposals, and non-disclosure agreements. And its design tool is top-of-the-line, allowing users to quickly create any kind of branded proposal in a drag-and-drop interface, right in the app. They can do this using a template or create one from scratch.

Although it doesn’t have a product configurator like CPQ software does, the Proposify product library also makes it easy to drag products into the design editor with ease to create customized quotes.

And even though it doesn’t have built-in invoicing software, it integrates natively with nearly every major provider in the space.

Here’s a breakdown of each product’s features:

DealHub CPQProposify
A centralized revenue management hub including quote-to-cash (QTC), invoicing, subscription management, and sales engagement insights.An all-in-one document generation platform that syncs your contacts, pre-populates fields, and helps users design any business document with CRM data.
Integration for third-party software, including Freshworks CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, revenue intelligence, accounting software, DocuSign, and ERP systems.Native integration for dozens of CRM software, including AgileCRM,Copper, Harvest, HubSpot, Zendesk Sell, and Zoho, 
Fast integration and setup within weeks with no code required.No major IT requirement for implementation and setup.
Guided selling flows and sales playbooks make it easy for reps to target their ICP and develop custom quotes for each prospect.Centralized insights from sales and proposal data help reps optimize the sales process for future sales engagement.
Readily scalable for sales team growth and expansion.Equally scalable for small teams and large enterprises.
With DealRoom, digital proposals are sent via attachable files or links, meaning only one point of interaction is necessary to complete the entire sales process.Interactive quoting, client input forms and online signatures make the quoting process quick and easy.
Contract management, e-sign, document generation, and multi-dimensional pricing models out-of-the-box.Build any document type (RFP, NDA, SOW etc.) using branded templates for any industry.
Predictive sales playbooks help sales reps move buyers through the sales process more quickly.Bring your quotes and proposals to life with embedded photos and video in your documents.
Subscription, renewal, and order management capabilities with rules-based quoting for complex sales.Integration with third-party billing and invoicing software.
Buyer engagement insights enable sales reps to improve future sales engagements.Monitor sales reps’ performance and progress from sales kickoff to sign-off.
Automated approval workflows ensure defined user roles and faster sales cycles.Approval permissions ensure deals are approved before they are sent to the client.
Cross-functional collaboration for quoting processes with audit trails.Audit trails reassure clients and reps of each activity in the sales process.
Web-based platform.Web and mobile (iPhone and Android) platforms.
Phone, mobile, and online customer support
Knowledge base
Training and enablement from DealHub experts
Email support
Chat support
Phone and Zoom support (for Business users)
Dedicated success manager (for Business users)
Onboarding services (for Business users)
Premium integration support (for Business users)
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Customer Size

Ideal Customer Profiles

Understanding the size and type of customer that each brand serves makes a huge difference in picking the right sales tool for your organization.

DealHub caters to customers of all sizes, from small startups to enterprise-level organizations. It is especially useful for software companies that monetize through subscriptions. Since it works with every subscription model, DealHub’s flexible billing is ideal for tech companies that offer microservices, quote-based pricing, and/or tiered pricing plans.

Sales reps benefit from its product configurator because it streamlines the process of building accurate quotes and contracts. When a rep is qualifying a lead and learning about their needs, the intelligence provided by DealHub’s platform can help them assemble a quote in minutes.

Proposify, on the other hand, is more geared towards agencies, SMBs, and smaller sales teams. It helps those businesses create professional-looking proposals quickly and easily so they can close deals faster. Its library of content blocks and customizable templates make it easy to get started with creating a proposal—even if the user doesn’t have design experience.

The biggest difference between the two products is that DealHub is an all-in-one platform while Proposify is focused on document generation and creation. Companies that need a product configurator or primarily monetize through recurring revenue will find it easier to do so using an all-in-one software like DealHub. Project-based companies that work with multiple clients or customers will benefit from Proposify’s professional design tool and branded templates.

Customer Support

Support Features & Resources for Each Solution

As two industry leaders in their own regard, DealHub and Proposify both offer numerous customer support options, both for implementation and ongoing support.

Those using Proposify’s Team plan will have access to phone and chat support only, but this is usually adequate considering the size of companies the team plan supports. With its Business plan, Proposify offers premium support and onboarding services.

DealHub offers personalized onboarding and implementation services, as well as email, phone, and mobile support. It also has an extensive knowledge base, with downloadable guides for everything from RevOps optimization to product configuration.

In the end, both companies offer extensive customer support options and provide companies with the tools needed to be successful in their sales efforts.


Breakdown of Pricing Options

Pricing is a critical factor to consider when selecting a sales tool, and both DealHub and Proposify offer competitive plans.

DealHub’s pricing is entirely quote-based, so prospective customers need to talk to a sales rep before purchasing the product. Due to the unique nature of each company’s sales process and operations, the pricing and buying experience must be tailored to their specific needs.

Proposify has two main plans: Team, which is $49 per user per month, and Business, which starts at $590 per month for 10 users.

The Team plan gives users all of Proposify’s core features at a lower rate, while the Business plan adds additional support options, native Salesforce integration, permissions, automated approval workflows, and collaborative workspaces.

DealHub CPQProposify
Product PricingContact salesTeam: $49 per user per month
Business (10 user minimum): $590 per month 
Business (over 10 users): contact sales
Implementation FeesOne-time implementation feeOne-time implementation fee
Additional LicensesNo additional license feesNo additional license fees for Business plan members

It’s important to remember that in the case of any document management or proposal generation software, there may be additional costs related to IT infrastructure and storage. Both DealHub and Proposify offer scalable solutions based on the size of your business. And since they are both no-code tools with minimal implementation time, they are also low-cost solutions for long-term use.


Considerations for Choosing Between the Two Solutions

DealHub CPQ and Proposify are both useful in their own right. But the right one for your business depends on whether you need CPQ software or a platform primarily used for creating documents.

Businesses need CPQ if they are looking to automate the sales process, optimize product configurations, and increase the accuracy of complex quotes. For example, scaled agencies offering multiple productized services and retainer-based contracts will benefit from DealHub’s automated invoicing, custom product configurator, and sales room communication. Subscription-based businesses also need CPQ to manage their recurring revenue.

Proposify, on the other hand, is ideal for companies that value design and need a platform that allows them to quickly create branded proposals with multiple documents in a single workspace. It’s also perfect for businesses working on project-based contracts and one-off sales opportunities who want an easy way to generate professional proposals. Companies working with multiple suppliers, vendors, or clients will benefit from Proposify’s industry-specific document templates.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DealHub CPQ used for?

DealHub CPQ has different use cases at different points in the revenue lifecycle. Before closing a customer, it helps sales teams create accurate, tailored quotes and proposals. After the close, it streamlines invoicing and billing processes while encouraging customer retention through automated contract renewal flows.

What companies use DealHub?

DealHub’s main customer base consists of SaaS companies like Gong, Drift, Freshworks, Sendoso, and Hopin. Its subscription management platform and product configurator make the selling experience easier for B2B SaaS sellers.

What is Proposify used for?

Proposify is a proposal and document generation platform that helps companies create branded sales documents quickly and easily. It has templates and integrations for several industries, including creative services, marketing agencies, ecommerce, technology and software development, education, professional services, construction, hospitality, and events management.

Does Proposify have an API?

Proposify’s API allows users to integrate their data into the platform and quickly generate custom proposals from external systems. It also includes API calls for managing user access, creating workspace templates, and setting documents as PDFs.

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