Epicor CPQ Overview

Epicor CPQ is an end-to-end configure-price-quote solution that results in excellent buying experience, a faster sales cycle & a more efficient manufacturing process.

The Epicor CPQ software (formerly KBMax) is perfect for a business looking to scale its sales and quotation process. The CPQ software helps companies automate their sales-to-manufacturing process. Epicore’s CPQ solution completely transforms the selling experience. With interactive product configurators, every buying audience can easily configure products visually in 2D, 3D, or augmented reality.

This complete solution is a great purchase for any business as it results in a faster sales cycle and creates a more efficient manufacturing system. Epicor CPQ creates a seamless CPQ platform that enables customers to create their designs easily. The generation of automatic quotes can instantly provide multiple production departments with specific and correct information for product creation. This is all aligned with direct integration with an engineering department. 

Epicor CPQ is noted for its user-friendly interface that is easy to administer and maintain. The visual interactive feature can allow customers the ability to create independently, freeing up sales teams but also creating a better selling journey for the customer as they see their product come to life.

Why this product is good

Positives of Epicor’s CPQ software

  • Epicor CPQ has a powerful configurator that enables users to sell complex products visually in 3D with a complete SKU/BOM output.
  • Allows users to set business rules to sell complex products for all industry types and channels.
  • Customization is easy to present quotes in 2D or 3D as required by your business model.

Product Details

What is Epicor CPQ?

Epicor CPQ has many features to help companies, especially manufacturers, automate the configure, price, quote, and product design process. The product configuration feature is one of the only ones on the market that can currently handle complex business rules, a high level of visualization, instant pricing, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) automation, and integrations.

Features include:

  • Visual and 3D configuration
  • CPQ analytics
  • Powerful rules engine
  • Buyer engagement insights
  • Guided selling
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Endless integrations

Visual 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality Configuration. Epicor CPQ now offers augmented reality (AR) capabilities alongside its 2D and 3D product configurations. This allows stakeholders to visualize the end product in their actual environment, enhancing the customer experience and aiding in the decision-making process for personalized products.

CPQ analytics. Continuously gather data about how sellers, website visitors, and app/portal users interact with your products on a per-customer basis. Use those insights to tailor the buying experience.

Powerful rules engine: The automation of Epicor CPQ with CAD drawings, plans, proposals, and cut sheers coupled with a powerful rules engine makes Epicor a powerful tool for production and manufacturing. It not only alleviates the pressure on your technical team and sales (as they can now stop waiting for plans and proposals) but it also allows engineering teams to focus on enhancements and customization.

Buyer engagement insights: Epicor CPQ also presents in-depth insights into how the customer interacts with different products. Not only does this give more power to a digital marketing team, but it also allows sales to collect this key customer data and utilize it with analytics platforms to create the best buyer journey possible.

Guided selling: Helps sales reps and customers find the perfect product fit by walking them through a series of questions. It also triggers upsell and cross-sell opportunities that help expand deal size. Epicor CPQ can be embedded in B2B or B2C websites for an enhanced buying experience.

Dynamic pricing: Buyers can make buying decisions more quickly with dynamically calculated pricing that updates as they change product options. Pricing is always accurate and reflects changes immediately based on pre-configured rules.

Endless integrations. Seamlessly integrate Configure One CPQ with websites, apps, and critical business systems using REST web services, ready-made configurations, or the extensive connectivity MuleSoft’s universal layer offers.

1/18/2024 Update
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What are the advantages of using CPQ?

Epicor CPQ Benefits

Epicor CPQ provides many benefits to manufacturing companies and others with complex configuration requirements. It covers the sales to manufacturing process using various configuration rules that guide users through even the most complex of processes. Here are some of the benefits of Epicor CPQ:

  • Streamlines the pricing and configuration process for complex products
  • Improves sales and manufacturing efficiency
  • Easy to set up and maintain product rules engine
  • Integrates with many CRM, ERP, CAD and PLM systems
  • Customers can configure products themselves and visualize the product before purchase
  • Manage CPQ on the cloud, without depending on custom code
  • Better customer experience through buyer engagement insights and self-service integrations
1/18/2024 Update
Based on capterra.com

What industries are CPQ solutions best suited for?

Epicor CPQ for Industries

Epicor CPQ is specifically designed to address the challenges that Manufacturing, Building Supply, and Automotive Supply companies face in the quoting process. Here’s how it caters to them:


Improved Sales Process: Epicor CPQ allows sales reps to quickly and accurately configure products, generate quotes, and close deals faster. It gives manufacturers better visibility into product costs and margins, which can help them make more informed pricing decisions.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With visual configuration tools, customers can see their products come together in 2D, 3D, and even AR, leading to a more engaging buying experience.

Improved Production Efficiency: Accurate product configurations from the quote stage flow smoothly into production, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Construction & Building Supply

Increases Profitability: Accurate pricing is essential for construction projects. Epicor CPQ helps ensure that quotes and bids reflect the true cost of materials and labor, allowing companies to win more contracts and improve profit margins.

Visual Configuration: Epicor CPQ includes visual configuration tools that allow building supply and construction customers to see their project designs come to life. This can improve communication and collaboration between sales, engineering, and customers.

Integration with Existing Systems: Epicor CPQ can integrate with other enterprise software, such as ERP systems, to improve data accuracy and streamline workflows across the company.

Automotive Supply and Aftermarket

Enhanced Sales of Complex Car Parts: These industries deal with a vast array of car parts, many of which can be intricate and have multiple configurations. Epicor CPQ’s visual configuration tools, including 2D, 3D, and even Augmented Reality (AR), can help customers visualize exactly how the final product will look and fit within a specific car. This can boost engagement, improve decision-making, and potentially lead to higher sales.

Streamlined Order Processing: Accurate quotes and configurations are crucial in the automotive space, as errors can cause delays and additional costs. Epicor CPQ integrates with ERP systems, which can help ensure that quotes consider real-time inventory and pricing data. This can streamline the order processing workflow and reduce errors.


Epicor CPQ Pricing

Epicor CPQ has a very simple pricing structure that works at $100 per user, per month. They offer volume discounts and custom quotes by getting in touch with their sales team.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several competitors to Epicor CPQ, each with its features and benefits. Epicor’s customers need features like advanced pricing and configuration abilities, visualization capability, scalability, and excellent integration support. Other important factors include price, customizability, and ease of use.

Top 3 Epicor CPQ Alternatives

Configure One CPQ

Configure One CPQ is a solution that streamlines the creation of unique configurations for complex products, calculates pricing dynamically, integrates production data, sends comprehensive product quotes to customers, and facilitates orders. It provides visual configuration and was designed specifically for manufacturing environments and other industries that require complex configurations. Configure One not only allows businesses to manage sales and operations but also provides customers with greater value. It can, for example, be used to generate quotes that comprise bills of material, customer data, product images, etc. Additionally, it can help configure specification sheets and invoices while tracking changes throughout a document’s history.


PROS Smart CPQ automates the quotation and pricing process for sales teams. Using data science and machine learning, PROS CPQ allows sales teams to generate accurately personalized quotes in real time. It also enables sales teams to use customer segmentation, buying patterns, market data, and willingness to pay to deliver profitable quotes and grow revenue. PROS CPQ automatically creates quotes with the right product mix and price points.

Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ does not have a built-in visual configurator, however, it does integrate with several 2D and 3D visual configuration tools. This enables users to interact with configured products in a virtual environment before purchase. Oracle CPQ ranks highly for its integration across multiple business platforms like CRM and ERP.

Valuable Insight From Real Customers

Gartner Peer Insights

Epicor CPQ has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Gartner Peer Insights. In their reviews, users note the software’s ability to help companies sell complex products visually with 3D. However, some users mention that initial implementation and CRM integration can be complex.

The reviewers and customer demographics are as follows:

Reviewer’s Company Size

  • Less than $50M: 13%
  • $50M-$1B: 47%
  • $1B-$10B: 37%
  • Gov’t/PS/Ed: 3%

Reviewer’s Industry

  • Manufacturing: 33%
  • Construction: 17%
  • Miscellaneous: 17%
  • Consumer Goods: 7%
  • Other: 27%

Reviewer’s Deployment Region

  • North America: 64%
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 18%
  • Asia/Pacific: 13%
  • Latin America: 5%

Gartner Peer Insights affirms that Epicor CPQ’s strong visualization features, product functionality, and performance were deciding factors in users choosing this CPQ software, as cited by the featured review on their site.

28/11/2023 Update


Common Questions and Answers

What types of businesses is Epicore best suited for?

With its visual configuration capabilities, Epicor helps companies in these industries sell customizable products and solutions:

Manufacturing: Companies that produce complex products with multiple options, like industrial equipment, machinery, or furniture.

Technology: Businesses offering hardware or software with various configurations and customization options.

Engineering Services: Firms providing custom engineering solutions that require specific configurations and pricing based on client needs.

How does Epicor CPQ handle dynamic pricing?

Epicor CPQ offers dynamic pricing capabilities, allowing real-time price adjustments as customers configure their products. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

1. On-the-fly calculations:  Pricing is not pre-determined but calculated dynamically based on the chosen options and configurations during the product selection process. This ensures customers see the most accurate price reflecting their specific choices.

2. Flexible pricing factors:  Epicor CPQ can consider various factors when calculating the price:

Base price: The starting price of the product itself.

Selected options: The additional pricing impact of each chosen option or feature.

Discounts and promotions: Apply pre-defined discounts or promotions based on specific criteria.

Volume discounts: Offer automatic price reductions for larger order quantities.

Customer-specific pricing: Implement custom pricing rules based on specific customer segments or contracts.

Currency conversion: Handle pricing in different currencies based on the customer’s location.

3. Pre-configured rules engine:  Epicor CPQ utilizes a “Snap” rule engine, allowing non-technical users to define and manage pricing logic. This simplifies the process of setting up various pricing scenarios without requiring extensive coding expertise.

4. Real-time updates:  As customers make selections, the price automatically updates in real-time, providing immediate feedback on the cost implications of their choices. This transparency can enhance the buying experience and facilitate faster decision-making.

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