Why Integrate CPQ and CRM?

July 23, 2023

CPQ and CRM: What are they?

It is crucial to explain what CRM and CPQ are in order to understand why they should be integrated.

First of all, CPQ Software is a sales tool that is appropriate for many different types of companies and industries to follow when constructing products, determining the price of their products, and generating a quote. CPQ Software is also vital because it eases and smooths the quoting process for configurable products while ensuring integrated data and accuracy is put forth. 

CRM is also known as customer relationship management. CRM is a fundamental technique that many companies make use of when managing their interaction with clients and potential clients. The main aim of CRMs is to improve and generate business relations. CRM additionally helps companies to streamline processes, generate and construct customer relations, and enhance profits. 

What is CRM Integration and How Does it Work?

CRM integration is the procedure of combining and connecting third-party applications and systems with your primary CRM Software to unify their features into one platform. This means that you can manage customer relationships more successfully and automate sales, marketing, customer service, and support tasks. 

CRM integration can be implemented in three main ways:

  1. Companies can invest in services, products, and processes from one specific provider so all of the tools and programs can automatically intertwine and share the same data.
  2. Another way is that companies can use APIs for their products, services, and other major purposes.
  3. Also, developers can construct quick lines of code to enact two systems for communication purposes. 

What Are the Benefits of CPQ and CRM Integration?

By implementing the integration of CPQ and CRM, multiple advantages occur. For example, your company can put forth better and more successful customer service by managing your contacts and gathering major customer information through the integration of CPQ and CRM. But, this is not the only fundamental benefit of the integration of the two. 

Now, let’s look into the main advantages that are generated if your company adopts the integration of CPQ and CRM.

Decreased Errors: One main benefit of integrating the two software means that there will be a huge decrease in data entry errors. This is because the information will be located in one specific database, rather than on various different systems. 

Enhanced Efficiency Boost: Another core advantage of an integrated system is that it streamlines your workflow across all departments of your company. It removes the need to retain and retrieve multiple databases to get a particular project into action. 

Increased and Successful Employee Satisfaction: One core benefit of integrating these two systems is that your team will maximize productivity and your employees will experience fewer system-related problems. 

Streamline Communication: Another vital advantage of the integration of CPQ and CRM is that you can train your employees in one system, rather than using multiple different software which is very costly. 

What Are Examples of the Integration of CPQ and CRM Systems:

The integration of CPQ and CRM fit various business processes and industries, such as marketing, sales, financial services, and so much more. 

However, let’s explore the top three industries that have largely benefited from the integration of CPQ and CRM into their specific industry workflow.

  1. E-Commerce arena: Sales success is mainly related to the implementation of CPQ and CRM together, which is seen clearly in the e-Commerce industry. One reason for this great sales success is that this integration has enhanced the industry to record and track data on current clients and leads across many channels, such as digital channels. Also, with an automated synced system this industry has gained a lot of profit. 
  2. Customer Service Domain: Customer service is another major industry that has benefited strongly from this very integration of CPQ and CRM. For example, the software used by customer services can quickly and easily connect to any type of information they desire, such as returns, assistance, customer cases, and so much more. In addition, this implementation of CPQ and CRM can intertwine customer service data with larger databases of customer data enactments and link other channels together. This integration provides a solid solution to information-sharing.
  3. Marketing Sector: Marketing consumes a large and crucial part of not only the sector itself but other industries as well. For instance, prior to sales execution, various sectors wish to generate a 360-degree customer profile viewing. However, for this process to occur it’s crucial to adopt the integration of CPQ and CRM which will create the perfect 360-degree customer profile. Also, this integration ensures the connection of core data with other customer information services. 

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