MonetizeNow CPQ Overview

MonetizeNow CPQ is an integrated quoting, billing, usage, and revenue recognition platform designed specifically for B2B SaaS enterprises, high-growth companies, and startups​​​​.

MonetizeNow CPQ revolutionizes B2B SaaS with an all-in-one no-code solution for quoting, billing, and customer usage tracking. Designed for high-growth enterprises and startups, it streamlines go-to-market strategies with efficiency. It supports both self-serve and complex deals while helping sales reps close faster with a modern interface. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with sales CRM and e-signature tools.

It’s more than just a configure, price, quote tool, though. In addition to sales automation, MonetizeNow is a platform that handles subscription billing throughout the entire customer lifecycle. What truly sets it apart is its robust billing engine and real-time usage metering. From automating the bridge between quoting and invoicing to supporting consumption-based billing and PLG selling, it offers a level of flexibility and scalability that’s hard to match.

Why this product is good

Positives of MonetizeNow’s CPQ Software

  • A powerful product catalog, advanced analytics, and hourly data exports provide sales teams with the tools they need to innovate and adapt their pricing strategies on the fly.
  • By centralizing revenue operations and eliminating the friction and bottlenecks associated with traditional RevOps architectures, MonetizeNow helps SaaS companies deliver a superior customer experience​​​​.
  • The platform offers a self-service portal for customers to manage their subscriptions, view usage and billing information, and make changes to their plans anytime — no sales intervention required.

Product Details

What is MonetizeNow CPQ?

MonetizeNow is a modern SaaS CPQ solution that specifically addresses the challenges associated with the modern SaaS business model. Sales reps use it to deliver complex software quotes, which include discounts, custom pricing tiers, and usage-based components (plus one-time fees for implementation and professional services).

Features include:

  • Rep-facing and self-service quoting
  • Customizable quote templates
  • Extensible pricing and product rules
  • Invoice and dunning automation
  • Real-time usage metering
  • Revenue recognition automation
  • Sales insights and quote tracking

Rep-facing and self-service quoting. Reps can generate quotes with multiple products, add-ons, and rate plans for ramp deals and other complex models. Since APIs support every UI feature, you can integrate MonetizeNow with your website and customer portals.

Customizable quote templates. Quote templates let you customize the data shown on quote presentations, which include billing schedules and credits, product descriptions, pricing models, discounts, and proration. You can set default payment terms and customize options for sales users to choose from.

Extensible pricing and product rules. The MonetizeNow product catalog supports Subscription, Usage, One-Time, and Minimum Commit components, with pricing structures as simple or complex as you need. Centralized management and real-time updates to all your product rules and pricing contingencies (e.g., discounts and account-based pricing) ensure sales reps always have the latest info for their quotes.

Invoice and dunning automation. MonetizeNow automatically charges customers in their local currency at the beginning of their billing period (whatever length that may be). You can program automatic retries after X number of days, trigger reminder emails, and even offer multiple payment methods for customers to pay their invoices.

Real-time usage metering. MonetizeNow’s real-time metering platform can scale to billions of events per day and supports minimum commit, pre-paid credits, and pay-as-you-go models. In real time, companies can test different subscription pricing and packaging models to find the sweet spot in pricing.

Revenue recognition automation. Finance and RevOps teams use MonetizeNow to take care of mid-cycle changes, such as contract amendments, add-ons, and plan upgrades/downgrades using its billing platform. And they recognize revenue automatically according to ASC 606 standards, which require recognition in the period(s) after delivery (despite subscription payments being in advance).

Sales insights and quote tracking. Sales reps can track deals in their pipeline, check quote statuses and viewership history, and see which action items still need to be completed. Admins can track overall sales and revenue performance, rep productivity and efficiency, and other performance metrics.

What are the advantages of using Cincom CPQ?

MonetizeNow CPQ Benefits

For software vendors, there are plenty of reasons to use MonetizeNow CPQ. Here’s a look at the platform’s essential benefits:

  • As a SaaS-specific platform with features for the entire subscriber lifecycle, MonetizeNow supports B2B software vendors in a way very few other CPQ vendors can.
  • Task and workflow automation help sales reps close deals faster, while maintaining 100% quote accuracy and consistency.
  • Product rules in CPQ ensure every subscription package and rate plan is tailored to a customer’s unique needs, but also feasible for your business.
  • Granular metering enables you to implement flexible usage-based models, enabling your reps to sell into a larger target customer base.
  • Customers manage their subscriptions on-the-go through a self-servive portal, and MonetizeNow’s intuitive UI makes it easy for them to understand what’s in their quote.
  • MonetizeNow eliminates the data and billing silos associated with spreadsheet-based or disparate systems by centralizing everything in one platform.
  • Revenue recognition automation significantly reduces compliance risks associated with reporting and reconciliation errors.

What industries are CPQ solutions best suited for?

MonetizeNow CPQ for Industries

MonetizeNow is designed to address the challenges Salesforce and HubSpot users in the IT Services and SaaS industries face when quoting products and services. Here’s how it caters to them:

IT Services

Standardized Offerings: MonetizeNow allows defining various service models like subscriptions, one-time fees, or usage-based billing. This flexibility helps IT service companies accurately configure service packages for clients. 

Centralized Pricing Management: Complex pricing structures with multiple factors can be built and managed centrally. This ensures IT service companies present consistent and up-to-date pricing to clients. 

Real-time Updates: Changes in service offerings or pricing rules are reflected immediately in quotes. This empowers IT service companies to provide clients with accurate quotes without delays. 

Account-Specific Pricing: The tool allows the creating of custom rates for specific clients directly within the quote. This enables IT service companies to offer competitive pricing for valuable accounts. 


Multiple Offering Types: MonetizeNow allows defining various offerings like subscriptions, one-time fees, usage-based pricing, and minimum commitments. This flexibility caters to diverse SaaS pricing models.

Comprehensive Pricing Structures: Build simple or complex pricing structures with ease. You can centrally manage these structures, ensuring consistency across your sales team’s quotes.

Real-time Updates: Product catalog changes and pricing rules update automatically. This empowers sales reps to provide the most up-to-date pricing during quoting.

Native Support for SaaS: MonetizeNow is built specifically for SaaS with features like amendments, renewals, and handling recurring subscriptions.


MonetizeNow CPQ Pricing

MonetizeNow only offers subscription pricing based on the number of users and your implementation requirements. Contact the sales team for a custom quote.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives to MonetizeNow CPQ

Although MonetizeNow is one of the most advanced new CPQ solutions for the SaaS industry, it isn’t the only one out there. There are other software with subscription management and CPQ capabilities, as well as traditional CPQ players that have added subscription management features (either by developing their own or through acquisition). When selecting the right CPQ vendor, it’s important to consider factors like product capabilities, integration options, and your internal workflows.

Top 3 MonetizeNow CPQ Alternatives

DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is a well-known and popular option for SaaS companies. It, too, offers standard CPQ features, plus subscription- and usage-based billing. Compared to MonetizeNow, it’s a more extensive platform — it contains contract lifecycle management (CLM) and digital sales room (DealRoom) modules. This means you can use the DealHub platform to deliver quotes and sales proposals, centralize sales communication (no more emailing back-and-forth), and save every sales document in a contract repository on the cloud. It also offers more collaborative features, plus sales commission calculation, native e-signature functionality, and buyer engagement insights.

Zuora CPQ

Zuora CPQ has been in the CPQ game for 15+ years. It’s a low-code platform that enables you to manage subscriptions, pricing, and recurring billing with a relatively small amount of manual work. This makes it perfect for companies that aren’t committed to heavily investing in complex product rules. Zuora has an open API architecture so you can integrate it with your CRM, ERP, and financial software stack. It doesn’t offer as many SaaS-specific features as MonetizeNow or DealHub (though it also serves a broader range of industries), but it’s a solid choice if your pricing structure is on the less complex side of things.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ takes a more traditional approach to the CPQ process. It’s built on the Salesforce platform, making it easy to tack onto Sales Cloud if you’re already a Salesforce customer. Like MonetizeNow, it offers recurring billing and subscription management, plus advanced options for ramp deals and product bundling. The major drawback (compared to MonetizeNow) is that it’s a standalone CPQ product. This means you have to purchase additional software for pricing optimization, usage-based billing (or any billing, for that matter), and revenue recognition. It’s a solid option for companies working within the Salesforce ecosystem or that need a standalone product with one of the most extensive integration libraries out there.


Common Questions and Answers

How does MonetizeNow automate quoting and billing?

MonetizeNow CPQ automates quoting and billing by using product rules, workflows, and customizable templates to create quotes with 100% accuracy in a few minutes, tops. For SaaS companies, it handles recurring billing out-of-the-box, even for usage-based billing models.

What other business applications integrate with MonetizeNow CPQ?

MonetizeNow’s extensive library of library of bi-directional connectors includes Salesforce, HubSpot, NetSuite, DocuSign, QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Stripe, and AWS.

CPQ Integrations