Vendori CPQ Overview

Vendori aims to simplify B2B technology sales and subscriptions through its no-code CPQ platform. It handles pricing rules, workflow approvals, and quoting, and shares complex financial metrics with the user’s CRM.

Vendori offers a CPQ platform designed specifically for B2B technology sales and subscription management. Their focus is on simplifying this process with a no-code approach. This means that users won’t need any coding knowledge to set up and use Vendori, allowing for faster implementation and streamlined workflows.

Vendori synchronizes product, subscription, pricing, and quoting functionalities into a single system. This allows businesses to build product catalogs, define subscription options, set up flexible pricing rules, and generate quotes – all within one platform. The no-code interface makes managing these aspects easy without coding expertise. With Vendori, businesses can streamline their B2B sales processes and ensure accurate quotes are delivered quickly.

Vendori integrates with existing IT systems, eliminating the need for custom development and enabling efficient handling of complex quoting and transactions.

Why this product is good

Positives of Vendori CPQ Software

  • Business users with no coding experience can build product catalogs, define subscription options, and establish workflows.
  • Vendori doesn’t charge implementation or service fees. No hidden costs make budgeting easier. Businesses can get started quickly and see a return on investment sooner.
  • Vendori integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM system, regardless of the brand. All the data generated within Vendori, such as quotes and product selections, can be automatically pushed to your CRM for centralized storage and easy access by your sales and fulfillment teams. 

Product Details

What is Vendori CPQ?

Vendori is a no-code CPQ and deal-making platform built specifically for B2B SaaS companies. It enables operations teams to streamline dealmaking by avoiding internal negotiations around discounting, gross margins, invoice scheduling, and numerous other aspects that hold up deals. Sales organizations benefit from Vendori’s streamlined nature, auto approvals/rejections, and the ability to create custom customer-facing quotes.

Features Include:

  • No-code pricing and rule controls
  • Product catalog management
  • Subscription management
  • Guided selling
  • Workflow approvals
  • Custom invoice scheduling
  • Channel/reseller quoting
  • CRM integration
  • Deal data and analytics

No-code configuration and rule controls: Easy setup and use without any coding knowledge. Point and click to build rules governing your pricing and discount thresholds, approval workflows, program discounts, commercial policies, and more. Automate your commercial operations in minutes.

Product catalog management: Build and maintain a comprehensive catalog of your B2B products and services.

Subscription management: Simplify subscription setup, renewals, upgrades, and cancellations. Track key metrics to understand and improve subscription performance.

Guided selling: Enable your team to sell better deals, faster by eliminating internal negotiation. Vendori’s Guided Selling process provides real-time feedback on acceptable pricing and discount limits so you can focus on the customer, not your process.

Workflow approvals: Set up automated workflows for quote approvals and other steps in the sales process.

Custom invoice scheduling: Schedule and customize invoices to streamline billing processes.

Channel/reseller quoting: Manage quotes for resellers and partners through a multi-tenant architecture.

Agnostic CRM integration: Seamlessly integrate Vendori with your existing CRM system, regardless of the brand. All data is automatically pushed to your CRM for centralized storage.

Deal Data & Analytics: Enhance your Business Intelligence function with forecast and historical reporting across products, gross margins, discounts, and more. Embedded app integrations deliver over 40 reportable data points per line item directly to CRM and finance systems.

What are the advantages of using CPQ?

Vendori CPQ Benefits

For technology sales teams, there are numerous benefits to using Vendori, including:

Pricing & workflow approval rules in minutes: Vendori’s user-friendly interface streamlines the creation of complex pricing rules and workflow approvals. You can set up these rules within minutes, automating tasks and ensuring accurate quotes are generated every time. This eliminates manual calculations and potential errors, saving valuable time and improving overall efficiency.

Close more deals at higher values: Vendori empowers you to easily build custom pricing rules, eliminating internal price negotiation and giving your sales team real-time feedback to maximize deal value.

Win more business, no exceptions: Handle any product, distribution method, or billing term (on-premise, subscription, or consumption) with Vendori to close more deals.

Effortlessly leverage your channel partners: Vendori’s secure Channel Manager seamlessly integrates your entire channel quoting process. All your resellers collaborate on a unified platform for increased efficiency.

Faster sales cycles, more deals closed: Vendori’s no-code, customizable workflows and automated approvals streamline your sales process, allowing your team to focus on closing deals quicker.

Stay informed and keep deals moving: Build personalized notifications and alerts to track quote developments, internal approvals, and customer acceptance, ensuring you stay on top of every deal.

Reduced costs: Vendori doesn’t charge implementation or service fees. Implementation can be completed in days.

What industries are CPQ solutions best suited for?

Vendori CPQ for Industries

Vendori CPQ: Powering Success for B2B SaaS and Technology Distributors

Vendori CPQ is a perfect fit for B2B SaaS companies and technology distributors, streamlining their sales processes and boosting efficiency. Here’s how Vendori helps them achieve success:

Software & IT (SaaS)

Effortless Configuration: Vendori simplifies creating quotes for complex SaaS offerings. Impress your customers with professional, customized quotes generated directly within Vendori CPQ. The intuitive interface allows for easy customization, ensuring your quotes accurately reflect your brand and offerings. This streamlines the transaction process, getting deals closed quicker.

Automated Pricing Magic: Vendori automates tiered pricing based on features, user count, or subscription length. Seamless integration with billing systems eliminates manual calculations and ensures consistent pricing across your SaaS products. Vendori can also handle the complexities of recurring revenue streams for subscription-based services.

Subscription Management Made Easy: Vendori simplifies managing subscriptions for your SaaS products. Generate quotes that clearly outline subscription terms, pricing, and renewal options.

Technology Distributors

Automated Workflows for Efficiency: Vendori automates time-consuming tasks like product configuration and pricing calculations. It guides your sales reps through the process of configuring products based on customer needs. This ensures all relevant products and services are included in the quote, preventing missed sales opportunities. Your sales team can focus on building relationships with clients and closing deals, maximizing their productivity.

Real-time Feedback: Vendori empowers your salesforce to receive real-time feedback during the quoting process. This feedback can be based on your pre-defined pricing rules, ensuring they are offering competitive and profitable quotes. 

Streamlined Workflow from Quote to Delivery: Vendori integrates seamlessly with other business systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data between sales and fulfillment. This eliminates data silos and fosters better collaboration across your organization.


Vendori CPQ Pricing

  • Free for startups under $1M ARR. 
  • SMB $850 / user / year (no implementation or service fees). 
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives to Vendori CPQ

Would you like to explore alternatives to Vendori? Here are some other software that Vendori users consider when purchasing a CPQ.

Top 3 Vendori CPQ Alternatives

DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ goes beyond traditional CPQ by providing real-time insights into prospect engagement. Sales teams can collaboratively tailor quotes based on customer interactions and generate quotes in various formats (DealRoom, Word, Excel, PDF) for optimal compatibility. Automated workflows further streamline the process by ensuring quick quote approvals and faster deal turnaround times.


Subskribe takes a holistic approach to CPQ and deal management. It encompasses quoting, pricing, approvals, and even billing, streamlining the entire deal-making process and improving overall efficiency. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, Subskribe offers a unified view of your deals for better management.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a cloud-based solution ideal for enterprise businesses with complex products and pricing structures. It boasts a comprehensive feature set including configurable product catalogs, price books, quote templates, and advanced approval workflows. This scalability and robust functionality make Salesforce CPQ a strong choice for large organizations with intricate sales environments.


Common Questions and Answers

Is Vendori part of a CRM?

No. Vendori integrates with Salesforce CRM & HubSpot.

How much technical expertise is needed to use Vendori?

None as Vendori is a no-code platform intended to give control to the user, not IT or consultants.

Can Vendori handle different pricing models and discounts?

Yes. Vendori handles both pricing models & products within the platform. Want to switch your pricing model from subscription to consumption? Simply change the pricing model within Vendori using a dropdown menu associated with those product offerings.

How does Vendori help with proposal generation?

Vendori allows sales reps to create a transactable quote that falls within the parameters of what is acceptable within an organization. For example, if a discounted line item requires approval, the rep can simply ‘submit for internal approval’, receive notifications as the organization approves / rejects the quote, and if approved, can send the quote to the client directly through Vendori.

Does Vendori handle subscriptions?

Yes, Vendori manages subscriptions and handles renewals, upsells, upgrades, and cancellations.

 How long does Vendori implementation take?

The integration with a CRM takes as little as 45 minutes. The full implementation can be completed in days.

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