XaitCPQ Overview

XaitCPQ (formerly Blueprint CPQ) is a comprehensive cloud-based CPQ solution that centralizes sales automation for complex service and product quoting, including guided selling, price optimization, and channel sales integration.

XaitCPQ streamlines the quote-to-cash process for sales teams, proposal teams, and subject matter experts. Sales reps and account execs use it to create optimized quotes with advanced pricing, guided selling, and quoting capabilities. Managers and coordinators use it to oversee quote approvals and deal management. SMEs and quote writers collaborate in-app to significantly reduce proposal creation time, boost accuracy, and improve win rates.

Globally, XaitCPQ has more than 70,000 unique users across a variety of industries, with customers ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Its combination of cutting-edge pricing automation, guided selling, international security (ISO/IEC 27001), and collaboration functions make it an ideal fit for companies with 50+ employees. It’s built for complex B2B sales processes that entail lots of contracting, negotiation, and approvals. Contract manufacturers, energy and renewables companies, professional services businesses, international accreditation/certification providers, and government agencies are a few industries that specifically benefit from XaitCPQ’s capabilities.

Why this product is good

Positives of Xait’s CPQ Software

  • Sales teams can generate faster, higher-quality quotes with improved margins thanks to business rules, guided selling, automated approval workflows, price optimization, and an intuitive layout.
  • Guided configuration, automated pricing calculations, seamless data integration with CRM and ERP systems, and channel partner portals make it easy to collaborate with everyone involved in your sales process.
  • XaitCPQ supports the servitization business model by enabling cost/risk evaluation and quote generation for multi-year service contracts and integrating with customer and channel sales portals.

Product Details

What is XaitCPQ?

XaitCPQ is a sales automation platform for servitized business models. Its guided selling interface, product configurator, and automated quoting features are designed to simplify complex sales processes. It’s entirely cloud-based, so there’s no need for software or hardware installations.

What sets XaitCPQ apart from other CPQ software is its ability to handle complex quoting and pricing scenarios with ease. Your whole sales and deal desk team can collaboratively build quotes and redline proposals before finalization. With its intuitive interface, template builder, and user-friendly features, it’s the ideal solution for service and service-based product businesses with multiple sales channels.

Features include:

  • Centralized quote creation, approval, and negotiation.
  • Guided selling workflows​​.
  • Automatic pricing calculation
  • Highly configurable business rules
  • Templatized quote builder
  • Seamless CRM and ERP integration
  • Customer and partner portals​

Centralized quote creation, approval, and negotiation. Within the XaitCPQ quote builder, sales teams can collaborate with your deal desk to create contracts, auto-route approvals, send them as PDFs, and edit them during negotiation. This eliminates back-and-forth communication and manual processes that delay the CPQ process.

Guided selling workflows. Sales reps and AEs can use XaitCPQ upsell, cross-sell, and recommend best-fit products, services, and price points for each customer without having to dig through their entire product library or ask for support.

Automatic pricing calculation. XaitCPQ ensures error-free pricing and optimal profit margins​​ for each quote by automatically calculating real-time prices based on configurable business rules, product availability, and bundling/discounting rules.

Highly configurable business rules. Admins can program any pricing, product, or service limitation rules into XaitCPQ to ensure all their quotes and proposals comply with business policies. Approval thresholds can auto-route quotes for review under certain conditions.

Templatized quote builder. Sales teams can save time by using predefined content based on their offer, and then personalizing. With templates, they can choose preset layouts so they don’t have to format. When it’s time to send, they can do so through secure web portals.

Seamless CRM and ERP integration. XaitCPQ seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Pipedrive. It also integrates with popular ERP systems like SAP and Oracle NetSuite. System integration eliminates manual data entry and enhances accuracy​​.

Customer and partner portals. Integration with your web-based portals makes it easier to onboard new partners and customers, manage their accounts, and reorder products and services guided by built-in business rules.

12/24/2023 Update
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What are the advantages of using XaitCPQ?

XaitCPQ Benefits

Using XaitCPQ offers significant benefits for your internal teams, customers, and channel partners. Here are the most crucial ones:

  • Boosted quote accuracy and reduced time spent on manual quoting tasks.
  • No need for multiple spreadsheets, proposal documents, and long email threads.
  • Fewer quoting errors with preprogrammed business rules and automated approval workflows
  • Enhanced collaboration between sales reps, customers, and the deal desk through real-time negotiation and contract redlining
  • Improved profitability thanks to automated pricing calculation, risk analysis, and pricing-profit margin assessments
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with shorter quote-to-cash cycles and a frictionless buying experience
  • Increased sales team productivity with guided selling workflows that streamline communication with product/engineering teams, sales teams, and legal/accounting experts.
12/24/2023 Update
Based on capterra.com

What industries are CPQ solutions best suited for?

XaitCPQ for Industries

XaitCPQ is designed to address the challenges Manufacturing and Professional Services companies face when quoting complex products and services. Here’s how it caters to them:


Quoting Speed and Accuracy: XaitCPQ automates product configuration and pricing rules, allowing for faster generation of error-free quotes. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries and generate quotes, potentially cutting quoting times in half.

Reduced Complexity: Manufacturing companies often deal with complex products with various options and configurations. XaitCPQ simplifies this process by guiding salespeople through the configuration process and automatically applying the correct pricing based on the chosen options, eliminating manual calculations and reducing errors.

Improved Collaboration: XaitCPQ facilitates collaboration between sales teams, engineers, and other departments involved in the quoting process. Everyone can access the same information and work together to create accurate quotes quickly.

Professional Services

Streamlined Configuration: XaitCPQ allows for building service catalogs that can include various options and service levels. This lets sales staff configure the best solution for each client’s needs and ensures compatibility. 

Automated Pricing: XaitCPQ has a built-in rules engine that can handle complex pricing structures, including discounts and margin-based pricing to ensure accurate and consistent quotes every time.

Faster Proposal Generation: With XaitCPQ streamlining the CPQ process, essential details like pricing and configurations are readily available. This translates to quicker proposal creation, allowing sales teams to focus on building a compelling narrative around the proposed solution.


XaitCPQ Pricing

Because of its internet product complexity and the nature of its customers’ needs, XaitCPQ uses a quote-based subscription pricing model. To get a free personalized quote, contact XaitCPQ sales representatives for details.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives to XaitCPQ

XaitCPQ is a fantastic option for servitized businesses with 50+ employees. If your company uses a subscription-based pricing model, however, you’ll be better off with a CPQ solution that also handles billing and subscription management. If you manufacture engineer-to-order products like medical devices and industrial equipment, you want to look for a product with CAD automation and 3D configuration features. And, for smaller businesses, a basic software with a more traditional approach would be more cost-effective and useful for your situation.

Top 3 XaitCPQ Alternatives

DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is a configure, price, quote (CPQ) software built primarily for SaaS companies and other businesses using a recurring revenue model. In addition to standard CPQ features, it offers subscription management, automated billing, and contract management directly within its platform. It also integrates with popular CRM, revenue intelligence, and communication platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Gong, and Slack. DealHub also features DealRoom, a digital sales room technology that centralizes communication between sales reps and prospects and accommodates multiple decision-makers in the sales process​​​​. This comprehensive approach positions DealHub CPQ as an optimal alternative for businesses looking for an integrated quoting and billing solution with enhanced engagement capabilities.


PROS CPQ is an advanced CPQ solution designed for complex, configurable products and services. It offers features like AI-driven pricing optimization, simulation tools, contract management, product modeling, and mass price change analytics. PROS uses data science and machine learning algorithms to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and recommend optimal prices for each customer. It also integrates with popular CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. PROS CPQ is ideal for businesses that need dynamic pricing and advanced product configuration capabilities, like those required in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, and automotive.


IBM CPQ is a versatile cloud-based CPQ solution built for ecommerce businesses, product retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. The platform does more than facilitate transactions and auto-generate quotes, though. Its advanced analytics capabilities give businesses valuable insights into customer behavior and buying preferences, which enables them to create and offer products that closely align with the needs of their most valuable customers. Its ancillary services — Call Center, Intelligent Promising, Order Management, and Store Engagement — give businesses an entire suite of tools to streamline customer engagement, optimize store functions, offer top-notch experiences, and sell the right products through their customers’ preferred channels.


Common Questions and Answers

Did Xait acquire BlueprintCPQ?

To expand its software suite and target an international audience, Xait acquired Blueprint CPQ in 2020. Blueprint CPQ is now known as XaitCPQ and operates under the same brand name as part of Xait’s larger product ecosystem, which includes document automation, database publishing, and bid management solutions.

What other business applications integrate with XaitCPQ?

XaitCPQ integrates with CRM to optimize frontend workflows and functions. It also integrates with ERP systems to streamline backend processes like billing and invoicing. With API, users can build custom integrations with other business applications to ensure smooth data flow from one system to another.

CPQ Integrations