Qwilr Overview

Qwilr is a proposal software that enables businesses to create interactive, visually engaging proposals, quotes, and sales documents. Businesses can send them to customers in a few clicks, right within CRM.

Qwilr is an innovative proposal software designed to transform the way businesses create and manage their sales documents. By leveraging web-based technology, Qwilr allows users to build interactive proposals, quotes, and sales collateral that captivate clients and stand out from traditional static documents. It’s widely used in technology, real estate, marketing, higher education, and professional services industries, where organizations have to present their offerings in a modern, dynamic format. The platform’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, combined with rich media integrations, ensures sales teams can produce professional, branded documents for their clients, customers, and partners.

Qwilr’s core features include real-time sales and proposal analytics, e-signatures, and seamless integrations with CRM (including Salesforce and HubSpot). Sales team members can use it to track client interactions, understand buyer engagement levels, and close deals faster. Additionally, Qwilr’s automation and collaboration tools enhance productivity by reducing the time spent on document creation and ensuring consistency across all sales materials. And, by delivering a more personalized and efficient sales experience, Qwilr helps businesses increase their win rates and drive revenue growth.

Why this product is good

Positives of Qwilr’s Proposal Software

  • Qwilr provides detailed analytics on how clients interact with proposals, giving reps valuable insights into client behavior. They can prioritize follow-ups and tailor their sales approach to maximize conversions.
  • With its drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and seamless integrations with popular CRM systems, Qwilr significantly reduces the time spent on creating and managing sales documents.
  • Qwilr allows businesses to create interactive and visually appealing proposals that differentiate them from competitors. This helps them make a lasting impression, makes pricing and terms easily understandable, and increases the likelihood of closing deals.

Product Details

What is Qwilr?

Qwilr is a web-based proposal and quoting software that offers businesses a modern and dynamic way to create and manage their sales materials. The platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their sales process and improve client engagement.

Features include:

  • Interactive proposal generation
  • Customization and branding
  • Automation and templates
  • Sales analytics and buyer insights
  • E-signatures and payments
  • Extensive document security
  • Sales integrations

Interactive proposal generation. Qwilr allows users to create engaging, interactive proposals with features like embedded videos, images, and interactive pricing tables, making proposals more dynamic and appealing to clients.

Customization and branding. Users can customize their proposals with brand colors, fonts, and reusable content blocks, ensuring that all sales materials are consistent with the company’s branding and professional standards.

Automation and templates. Qwilr provides a library of customizable templates and automation features that allow sales teams to quickly create and personalize proposals right within CRM. This significantly reduces the time required for document preparation.

Sales analytics and buyer insights. Qwilr provides detailed analytics on how recipients interact with proposals, including viewing time, sections viewed, and actions taken. That way, sales teams know who to follow up with and how to tailor and improve their engagement strategies.

E-signatures and payments. Integrated e-signature functionality allows clients to sign documents directly within the proposal, and Qwilr’s payment integrations enable instant payments through Stripe. The platform supports multiple currencies, dynamic pricing, one-off and recurring costs, and multiple payment schedules (e.g., monthly, annual).

Extensive document security. Qwilr offers robust security features, including password protection, link expiration, and encryption, ensuring that sensitive documents are protected throughout the sales process.

Sales integrations. Qwilr seamlessly integrates with major CRM systems (including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho), so client data and deal variables automatically sync between the systems. Quickbooks integration auto-pushes accepted proposals as invoices. Slack integration notifies team members when a proposal is sent, signed, or completed.

What are the advantages of using Qwilr?

Qwilr Proposal Software Benefits

Qwilr’s customers enjoy several benefits of using the platform. The most notable ones include:

  • Shorter deal cycles with an efficient, consolidated sales process
  • Increased win rates through personalized, visually appealing proposals
  • Better client experiences and higher engagement with interactive proposals and e-signatures
  • Reduced costs associated with document creation, sharing, and storage
  • Enhanced team collaboration and productivity through integrations and automation features
  • Brand consistency and a professional image reflected in all sales materials
  • Detailed insights into client behavior and engagement levels, enabling better-informed follow-ups and sales strategies

What industries are best suited for this solution?

Qwilr for Industries

1. Marketing Agencies

Interactive proposals. Qwilr enables marketing agencies to create visually appealing, interactive proposals that include videos, images, and other rich media, making a lasting impression that exemplifies the quality of their creative work​​.

Brand consistency across all types of agency work. Agencies can maintain brand consistency across all proposals and documents with customizable templates and content blocks. They can add, remove, or edit these blocks depending on the nature of the work the prospective client is asking for.

Dynamic pricing tables for varied project scopes.  Qwilr’s dynamic pricing tables allow agencies to present pricing options in a clear, concise manner. They can easily adjust prices based on client needs and budget, and propose different rates for different service levels.

2. Technology and SaaS

Interactive proposals for complex products. Qwilr enables tech companies to create dynamic, media-rich proposals that include embedded videos, interactive pricing tables, and detailed product demos. This makes it easier for customers to understand complex technical information, while also making it more accessible and engaging.

Recurring revenue support. In addition to handing one-off payments for setup, implementation, and support, software vendors can propose and bill for recurring subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis. Qwilr integrates with Stripe to enable automated recurring payments.

Sales CRM integration. Qwilr integrates with major CRMs, so software sales teams can create proposals in a few clicks, directly within CRM. They have all proposal data automatically synced back to CRM, so they can follow up with potential customers at the right time and in the most relevant way.

3. Real Estate

Customizable templates various real estate functions. Qwilr offers customizable templates tailored for investment proposals, commercial real estate deals, home buying and selling, and more. Users can add sections for property photos, floor plans, financing options, expected ROI, and availability calendars.

Easy online document sharing. With Qwilr, real estate agents can share documents with clients online and track their viewing activity in real time. This allows them to see which properties have received the most interest and follow up accordingly.

Secure document storage. Real estate deals often involve sensitive information, such as financial documents and legal contracts. Qwilr’s robust security features, including password protection and encryption, ensure that these documents are stored securely and only accessible to authorized parties.


Qwilr Pricing

Qwilr offers two separate pricing tiers: Business and Enterprise.

  • Business ($35 per user per month, billed annually) — Qwilr’s entire proposal software platform, including a content editor, e-signature, payments, analytics, dynamic pricing tables, and CRM integration. Best for most users.
  • Enterprise ($59 per user per month, bullied annually) — A comprehensive plan for 5+ users that includes a custom domain, dedicated account manager (for accounts with 10+ seats), native Salesforce integration, and team permissions. Best for larger businesses with built out sales or account management teams.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives to Qwilr Proposal Software

While Qwilr is an excellent choice for those who need an advanced tool for proposal generation, it doesn’t support every sales cycle effectively. In some cases, businesses are better off with a more simple solution. In others, they require additional features only available in a robust configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool.

Top 3 Qwilr Alternatives


Proposify is a proposal management software that helps businesses create, send, track, and e-sign proposals, contracts, and agreements. While Qwilr focuses more on interactive content and real-time analytics to engage clients and track proposal performance, Proposify emphasizes detailed design customization and collaborative features. This makes it a great alternative for businesses that prioritize design and teamwork. Proposify also offers robust document management features, including an approval workflow and audit trails, which are essential for businesses requiring stringent control and traceability over their proposal processes.

PandaDoc CPQ

PandaDoc CPQ is a configure, price, quote tool that centralizes product and pricing information, making it easy to manage items and build quotes, whether using flat, recurring, or volume-based pricing structures. PandaDoc CPQ and Qwilr serve similar purposes but are optimized for different aspects of the sales process. Use PandaDoc CPQ if your business deals with highly configurable products or services and requires detailed, accurate quotes with robust approval workflows and extensive customization. It’s particularly useful for industries like manufacturing, IT services, and healthcare, where product complexity and compliance are critical.

DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is a comprehensive sales platform designed to streamline and automate the entire quote-to-revenue process. Features like guided selling and digital sales rooms make it a great tool for teams that need to integrate product configuration and quoting deeply into their sales workflow. It excels in environments where detailed product customization and pricing accuracy are critical, such as manufacturing, technology, and SaaS industries. Choose DealHub CPQ over Qwilr if your priorities are complex quoting, sales process automation, quote-to-cash efficiency, and integration with existing sales infrastructure.


Common Questions and Answers

Is proposal software the same as CPQ software?

Proposal software and CPQ have some overlapping capabilities, but they are not the same thing. Proposal software like Qwilr focuses on document generation, with interactive elements and e-signature capabilities. CPQ (configure, price, quote) software is designed for the entire sales process, including product configuration, pricing, and quoting.

Does Qwilr configure products and generate sales quotes?

Qwilr doesn’t exactly configure products and generate quotes. Its primary function is proposal generation. While users can propose pricing options and create dynamic pricing tables within Qwilr, complex product configuration would need to be done outside of the platform.

What other business applications integrate with Qwilr?

Qwilr integrates with a variety of business applications, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM, Stripe for payment processing, Quickbooks for invoicing and accounting, Slack for team collaboration, and Zapier for hundreds of other integrations.

CPQ Integrations