Nue is a dynamic, spreadsheet-like, Salesforce-native price and quote builder that's designed to help SaaS companies create complex, multi-variable quotes for customers of any size.

Nue is a sophisticated platform that helps SaaS companies and high-growth startups enhance their RevOps process. Its offerings include the Quote Builder and Price Builder, which are integral components of a broader suite aimed at optimizing encompassing aspects like customer lifecycle management, billing, and revenue analytics.

The Quote Builder tool makes the quoting process more flexible and dynamic. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing sales teams to create complex quotes without needing to exit their CRM environment. It makes it easy to configure pricing and discounts for SaaS deals on the fly without delving into intricate rules or formulas. It provides real-time visibility into the status of quotes and orders, facilitating better management and tracking of the sales process.

Nue’s Price Builder enables organizations to rapidly A/B test and deploy pricing and promotional strategies. It provides a powerful interface for RevOps teams to develop, manage, and improve upon their pricing models — bundles, add-ons, pricing tiers, you name it. The tool supports agile pricing strategies, helping businesses to adapt quickly to market demands or internal strategic shifts. By connecting with Salesforce, it enhances the capability to manage and execute pricing across multiple channels, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Why this product is good

Positives of Nue’s Software

  • Nue’s Price and Quote Builder tools support upsells, tiered pricing and discounts, multi-variable pricing, and usage-based components that are commonplace in modern SaaS deals.
  • Being Salesforce-native means sales teams using Sales Cloud can easily adopt and use Nue without a steep learning curve or complicated implementation process.
  • Nue doesn’t require complex rules and formulas to operate, making it effortless for growth-stage companies to test and iterate their pricing strategies.

Product Details

What is

Nue’s tool is a comprehensive sales tool that handles customer quotes and sales orders from the initial request through renewal. For sales teams, its spreadsheet-like drag-and-drop interface makes pricing and quoting simple, flexible, and visible. Growing software companies use it to get products to market, test pricing, and iterate based on analytics to arrive at an ideal pricing model.

Nue defining features include:

  • Drag-and-drop guided selling
  • Bundles, upsells, and layer pricing
  • Native Salesforce connectivity
  • Intuitive quote pipeline and dashboard
  • Real-time revenue projections
  • E-signature and CLM integration
  • Revenue lifecycle management

Drag-and-drop guided selling. Reps can configure sophisticated quotes with add-ons, tiered discounts, usage-based pricing and overage values, recurring fees, and one-time service charges with just a few clicks. Approval workflows automatically escalate any quote that requires additional authorization to the appropriate party.

Bundles, upsells, and layer pricing. Sellers can quote any combination of subscription, usage consumption, one-time/ongoing services, and physical goods together in a quote. Nue supports multi-variable pricing and discounts at the bundle, product, subscription, or feature level, so businesses can create innovative pricing strategies with clear metrics.

Native Salesforce connectivity. You can save products, bundles, and multi-dimensional attributes for immediate availability in your Salesforce price book and product catalog. If your entire omnichannel sales operation feeds directly into Salesforce, you can even place Nue bundles on your self-service and partner channels through its interactive UI elements.

Intuitive quote pipeline and dashboard. Data from Quote Builder syncs with your Salesforce opportunity flow. It tells you where each quote and sales order sits in the pipeline, what’s awaiting approval/sign-off, and what’s closed. You can access multiple quotes at once, view quote history, and monitor sales progress with granular visibility on reps, teams, and success rates.

Real-time revenue projections. Nue’s bookings always match your revenue metrics. Quotes and renewals show TCV, MRR, and ARR projections at the subscription and line item levels. That way, you can track your most critical metrics against your forecast to make informed decisions about your sales and revenue strategies.

E-signature and CLM integration. Thanks to Nue’s Salesforce-native architecture, you can use it with any CLM or e-signature tool on the AppExchange. That includes the likes of Adobe Sign, Conga Composer, DocuSign, and Ironclad. Your signed contracts and order forms are appended to the corresponding opportunity immediately — all you have to do is put it in Salesforce.

Revenue lifecycle management. The CPQ process is only the first step for SaaS companies, which operate on recurring revenue. Nue’s product suite includes tools for upselling, renewal management, subscription management, and real-time insights into cancellations, churn, and customer lifetime value.

What are the advantages of using ?

Nue Benefits

As a fast-growing software company, there are plenty of advantages to using Nue.

Here’s a look at some of the top benefits:

  • Adaptable and configurable architecture makes it easy to test and adapt pricing, discounting, and bundling strategies on the fly.
  • Ready-to-go integration with Salesforce eliminates the learning curve and much of the implementation time you’d have with many other quoting tools.
  • Clear visibility into your quote pipeline keeps everyone accountable for their responsibilities, helping the sales department move deals across the finish line faster.
  • Powerful features like drag-and-drop guided selling make it easy for new reps to onboard, and experienced reps to execute complex quotes quickly.
  • Real-time projections help sales and RevOps leaders identify areas for improvement and implement changes more quickly.
  • An agile sales approach with Nue helps startups get to market, optimize pricing, and maximize revenue as quickly as possible.
  • Visibility into sales performance by customer segment and pricing strategy gives you the ability to get the most out of your existing customers and attract new ones.

What industries are CPQ solutions best suited for? for Industries

Nue CPQ is designed to address the challenges IT Services and SaaS companies face when quoting complex products and services. Here’s how it caters to them:

IT Services

Agile Bundling: Nue CPQ allows for the creation of flexible service bundles that can be easily customized for each client’s needs. This can be particularly helpful for IT services companies that offer a variety of services and need to create quotes quickly and efficiently.

Usage-Based Pricing: Nue can handle complex pricing models, including usage-based billing, which is becoming increasingly common in the IT services industry. This allows companies to charge clients based on their actual usage of services, rather than a flat fee.

Subscription Management: Nue goes beyond just quoting. It can also help manage customer subscriptions, including tracking usage, renewals, and cancellations. This provides a centralized system for managing the entire customer lifecycle.


Streamlined Quote-to-Revenue: Nue automates the entire quote-to-revenue process, which can be especially cumbersome for SaaS with varied subscription options. This reduces turnaround time for quotes and frees up sales reps to focus on closing deals.

Flexibility for Complex Pricing: Nue caters to the diverse pricing models used by SaaS companies, including subscriptions, one-time fees, and combinations. It allows you to configure various elements and pricing structures within a single quote.

Strong Salesforce Integration: Nue integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, a popular CRM platform used by many SaaS companies. This allows for a smooth flow of data between systems and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Prices Pricing

Nue’s Price Builder, Quote Builder, and other sales and RevOps tools are available to each customer on a subscription basis. Due to the unique intricate nature of each company’s needs, pricing is only available by contacting Nue’s sales department directly.

Is there anyone else out there?

Competitors and Alternatives to

Although Nue’s flexible rules structure, easy implementation, and analytics-driven pricing make it a great choice for growth-stage startups that need to be nimble, it’s not the ideal solution for every software company. Larger SaaS vendors tend to benefit from more structure, while some smaller vendors may benefit from more specialized CPQ solutions. Likewise, Nue offers end-to-end revenue lifecycle management, but many companies are looking for sales enablement and billing integrations Nue alone can’t offer.

Top 3 Alternatives

DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is a no-code tool that combines simplicity with customizability for modern SaaS vendors. Its product ecosystem includes three core elements: CPQ, DealRoom (digital sales room), and Billing (subscription management). What sets DealHub apart is your ability to manage your entire quote to revenue process within the platform — configuring, pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, and subscription changes (e.g., upgrades and renewals). Thanks to DealRoom, you even have a centralized place to manage all your sales conversations, which maximizes buyer engagement. It’s a no-brainer if the buying groups you work with have multiple decision-makers or you’re configuring complex enterprise contracts.

Logik is a product configuration tool that handles ramp deals, staggered deployment, and custom pricing multi-dimensional pricing. And it has the ability to set up personalized long-term agreement formats and SLAs tailored to each group of customers. Logik is unique in the sense that it isn’t a standalone CPQ — it’s a headless platform that extends the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ or Oracle CPQ with pre-built connections, and of any other CPQ system through APIs. If your company runs on Sales Cloud and you already use Salesforce CPQ, Logik provides an innovative way to access the specialized SaaS quoting tools you’d otherwise have to switch vendors for.

MonetizeNow CPQ

MonetizeNow is a platform designed for B2B SaaS companies with usage-based and consumption-based pricing models. It’s an all-in-one no-code system that handles CPQ, billing, customer usage tracking, and revenue recognition out-of-the-box. It also supports customer self-service and automates the invoicing and dunning process, making it a good fit for companies that need to scale recurring revenue and manage complex subscription billing. Within MonetizeNow, you can build customizable quote templates, which enables you to further streamline your sales workflow based on the type of customer or deal you’re working. MonetizeNow is a great fit for SaaS companies with complex pricing models and a more diverse customer base.


Common Questions and Answers

How does improve sales cycle efficiency?

Nue enhances sales cycle efficiency with intuitive, spreadsheet-like quoting within Salesforce. It’s built for Salesforce, so Sales Cloud users have real-time visibility into every quote and sales order in their pipeline. This helps them streamline the quote-to-revenue process​​​​.

What other business applications integrate with Nue?

Nue integrates with any e-signature or contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool, so you can get quotes and contracts out the door as quickly as possible. It also integrates with self-service and direct sales motions, so your customers and partners can create quotes in the same platform as your reps.

CPQ Integrations