Freshworks CRM Overview

Freshsales, formerly known as Freshworks CRM, is a robust solution for businesses of any size to manage their customer relationships. With its comprehensive features, you can track customer interactions, convert leads, segment customers, track performance, and gain insights for sales and customer success.

Freshworks CRM (now called Freshsales) is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage their relationships with customers and prospects. It is designed to enable businesses to efficiently and effectively track all customer interactions, nurture leads into opportunities, establish strategic customer segments, measure performance, and gain sales and customer insights.

Freshsales helps businesses better understand their customers by centralizing all customer data, allowing users to access and update customer information in real time. It provides a solid middle ground between a lean and affordable option for small sales teams and a robust, enterprise-grade solution for the biggest of sales organizations.

Why this product is good

Positives of Freshworks CRM Software

  • Freshworks CRM centralizes all customer data for easy access and real-time updating. This makes it easier for sales teams to track customer interactions, keep accurate records, and improve the buying experience for future customers.
  • Small businesses see Freshworks as an affordable and scalable option. Large companies benefit from its enterprise-grade features and intuitive design.
  • Intuitive user interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality make it easier for sales teams to manage customer data, create and edit campaigns, and track analytics. They also make it easier to onboard new leaders and reps, who can quickly pick up the platform and start seeing results straight away.
  • APIs and integrations with countless business tools make it easier to use Freshworks CRM with existing systems and processes. This helps automate tedious tasks and streamline sales processes.

Product Details

What is Freshworks CRM?

Freshsales is an enterprise-grade CRM software that companies use to develop, nurture, strengthen, and deepen sales relationships. It helps their sales teams reach out to new customers, nurture leads more efficiently, and speed up the sales cycle. With Freshsales, customers get an integrated view of all customer interactions in one platform, enabling them to make better decisions based on data-driven insights.

Features include:

  • Powerful Lead Management Capabilities
  • Event Tracking
  • Email Tracking and Automation
  • Direct Calling and Tracking
  • Integrations and APIs
  • Sales Management
  • Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

Powerful Lead Management Capabilities: With Freshworks CRM’s AI-based lead scoring system, the time-consuming process of capturing leads is expedited. Along with this feature comes a 360-degree customer view that enables you to engage your leads in an individualized manner. Don’t worry about remembering important appointments and tasks either – timely notifications are also provided for added convenience.

Event Tracking: With Freshworks, you can easily monitor past conversations to anticipate future communication and increase your efficiency in closing deals with promising prospects or leads. As you converse with contacts, quickly uncover their interests and how they interact with your solution using the app’s comprehensive timeline that organizes every contact based on behavior – complete with engagement information, and emails for easy scoring.

Email Tracking and Automation: Freshsales offers reps a variety of valuable features, such as the ability to send bulk emails on personalized templates quickly and easily, schedule meetings at any time, sync calendars for easy tracking of events, and link automatically with contact records. Even more impressive is that Freshsales will sort through relevant metrics without requiring any manual input. This intuitive solution makes it effortless to quickly pull up all the important details in an email within seconds.

Direct Calling and Tracking: Freshsales is one of the only CRM tools that can transfer calls directly to its platform without any hardware or software configuration. This means that your reps can take inbound and outbound calls without having to switch between applications, making it easier for them to track every call’s details in real-time. It also means that they won’t spend time waiting for data migration to track the history of customer interactions. Plus, features like auto-dialing, call routing, and call list management make it easy to keep up with multiple conversations at once while managing the performance of the agents.

Integrations and APIs: Freshworks CRM easily integrates with a wide variety of third-party applications, including Google Apps, Office 365, Slack, and more. This makes it easy to manage customer data without having to leave the platform or manually input data into each system. Plus, there are also various APIs available that enable developers to build custom applications and integrate them into Freshsales. It also integrates with the rest of the Freshworks ecosystem as well as accounting and bookkeeping software like QuickBooks and Xero.

Sales Management: Freshworks CRM provides a comprehensive view of each step in the sales process with features like Visual Sales Pipeline, Deal Predictability, and Deal Rotting. This application enables users to classify deadlines, discover top-performing items and stalled deals, plus modify actions as necessary. Additionally, its drag-and-drop navigation makes it effortless to personalize follow-ups and observe trends and successes or failures within seconds so that you or your sales team can identify any obstacles blocking your achievements.

Dashboard Reporting and Analytics: With Freshworks CRM, you can quickly and easily manage data after receiving it. The dashboard provides a series of default reports encompassing email records, regions, pipelines, and more which are presented in tidy dashboards. You also have the opportunity to build personalized reports for all contacts, deals, and opportunities, which can be exported. Generating these stats at any time is convenient when making adjustments to campaigns; its user-friendly dashboard furnishes report tools instantly available to improve efficiency.

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What are the advantages of using Freshworks CRM?

Freshworks CRM Benefits

As a feature-rich enterprise tool, many benefits come with using Freshworks CRM. These include:

  • Easy to use: It has an intuitive design, so users can easily navigate through the application without needing extensive training.
  • All-in-one solution: With its comprehensive features and integrations, it is a great all-in-one CRM that can help streamline customer relationships.
  • Mobile app: It has an app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices, making it possible for digital sales teams to be more efficient and productive, no matter where they are.
  • Automation capabilities: It offers automation tools and features that make it easier to manage tasks and keep on top of customer interactions.
  • Reporting insights: With its dashboard reporting, users are able to quickly gain insights into their sales process and improve productivity. 
  • Scalability: From free to enterprise, there is a plan and product orientation for just about any size budget or business.
  • Support: Freshworks offers a great customer service team that is always willing to help answer questions and solve problems.
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Freshworks CRM Pricing

Freshworks CRM’s pricing is broken into four separate categories:

  • Free: For small businesses and sales organizations, features like built-in chat, email, and phone support are included. Users will also have access to the Freshworks mobile app, so they can manage contacts and accounts from anywhere at any time.
  • Growth ($15 per user per month, billed annually): Growing startups and small businesses can access a wider range of features, including the Visual Sales Pipeline, AI-driven lead scoring, and up to 2,000 automated sessions between bots and the end user. They can also use WhatsApp business, making it easier to communicate with global customers and partners.
  • Pro ($39 per user per month, billed annually): Companies with multiple sales organizations or office locations can use Freshworks CRM Pro to create and manage multiple pipelines, create time-based workflows, and set up sales team and territory management. They can also access a larger suite of AI tools, including Deal Insights and Next Best Action.
  • Enterprise ($69 per user per month, billed annually): In addition to all the features of the Pro plan, Freshworks CRM Enterprise also includes custom modules, AI-powered forecasting, audit trails, and a dedicated account manager. This plan is designed for larger organizations looking for a comprehensive CRM solution with added scalability and support.

CPQ Integrations

Which CPQ Solutions Integrate with Freshworks?

Several CPQ solutions integrate seamlessly with Freshworks CRM. These include:

  • Freshworks CPQ
  • DealHub CPQ
  • GetAccept CPQ

Freshworks CPQ

Freshworks has now developed its own CPQ as an add-on for Freshsales. It allows Freshsales users to generate branded documents (i.e., quotes, invoices, onboarding documents, and contracts) quickly and efficiently. It includes features such as automated pricing, dynamic rule-based discounts, guided selling, and insights about customer product preferences. 

Since the CPQ is natively integrated with Freshsales, users can use the data in their CRM to generate accurate quotes and other documents for a low per-user monthly cost while maintaining the same UI.

The DealHub Platform offers a practical and user-friendly interface with 24/7 customer support, integrating seamlessly with Freshworks. The DealHub CPQ makes it easy to instantly configure customized quotes that are sent directly to your Freshworks CRM. These versatile quotes can be generated in various popular formats like Word, PDF, or Excel, making them compatible across any device or platform. 

DealHub’s guided selling and automated approval workflows help to further expedite sales teams’ ability to close deals faster than ever. When used with DealHub’s DealRoom, the company’s digital sales room product, customer engagement is heightened even more.

GetAccept CPQ

GetAccept’s CPQ solution enables sales reps to craft and deliver precise quotes for potential buyers. A few clicks is all it takes for account execs to customize pricing tables based on the customers’ individual requirements, meaning a shorter sales cycle for the organization. GetAccept is one of Freshsales’ listed native plugins, and it enables buyers and sellers to send, receive, and e-sign sales documents right inside the CRM platform.

Sales teams can instantly capture leads from Freshsales CRM and easily populate a GetAccept template with customer data. And with automated electronic signatures, they can quickly secure contracts without the hassle of manual paperwork. Plus, document tracking features let them receive notifications whenever something changes or when prospects read attachments they’ve sent them.

Valuable Insight From Real Customers

Gartner Peer Insights

Freshworks has a rating of 3,9 out of 5 stars on Gartner Peer Insights. In their reviews, users note the software’s easy implementation and integration. However, some users mention customization can be challenging.

The reviewers and customer demographics are as follows:

Reviewer’s Company Size

  • <$50M: 45%
  • $50M-$1B: 45%
  • Gov’t/PS/Ed: 9%

Reviewer’s Industry

  • IT Services: 27%
  • Energy and Utilities: 18%
  • Retail: 18%
  • Construction: 9%
  • Other: 27%

Reviewer’s Deployment Region

  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 46%
  • Asia/Pacific: 31%
  • North America: 23%

Gartner Peer Insights affirms that Freshworks CRM is intuitive to use and enables companies to visualize the performance of their sales teams.

29/11/2023 Update

CPQ Integrations