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CPQ software is crucial in B2B sales for streamlining quotations. DealHub provides an all-in-one sales solution, while Nue caters to Salesforce users with its intuitive quoting tool. This comparison aims to pinpoint the ideal fit based on a company's specific integration and operational requirements.

In Sales, choosing the right Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software can be crucial. Two leading contenders, DealHub CPQ and Nue, offer a range of features designed to streamline the quoting process and boost sales efficiency. This article explores how DealHub and Nue approach core functionalities like product configuration, pricing automation, and quote generation, highlighting each platform’s unique advantages and potential drawbacks.


Compare DealHub CPQ vs.

In B2B sales, equipping your team with the right tools is paramount to success. A key player in this arena is CPQ software. It streamlines the quote creation process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while allowing sellers to present enticing proposals to potential customers.

DealHub and Nue stand out as two prominent contenders vying for attention. While both offer robust functionalities, their core strengths and target audiences may differ. This in-depth comparison aims to shed light on the crucial aspects of each solution, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your specific business needs.

DealHub positions itself as a comprehensive revenue lifecycle management hub. Designed specifically for B2B sales teams, it caters to the entire sales process, from initial contact to post-sale management. Beyond just CPQ capabilities, DealHub offers a suite of additional modules, including contract management, subscription management, and a digital sales room. This comprehensive approach can be ideal for businesses seeking a unified solution for their sales operations.

Nue is a RevOps solution as well. One of its core offerings is a quote builder designed for use within the Salesforce ecosystem. This integration allows for a seamless workflow, enabling sales reps to quickly generate quotes directly within the familiar Salesforce interface. Nue’s emphasis on user-friendliness and a “spreadsheet-like experience” might appeal to businesses heavily reliant on Salesforce and seeking a streamlined quoting solution.

Let’s review how DealHub CPQ and Nue’s quote builder compare on key features and functionality, ideal customer profile, customer support, and pricing.

Product Overview

Overview of each CPQ Solution

Although Nue and DealHub share some of the same features, like guided selling and the ability to handle complex pricing models, there are some differences to consider.

Defining DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is an easy-to-use platform that utilizes a no-code environment. This allows businesses to implement and manage the system without relying heavily on IT specialists. DealHub equips sales reps with the tools to close deals efficiently by automating tedious tasks.

DealHub tackles complex product configurations through guided selling and a dynamic question-based flow. This interactive approach guides salespeople in selecting the right product options based on customer requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient quote generation.

Beyond core functionalities, DealHub integrates with DealRoom, a digital sales room platform. This powerful duo unifies the sales process, allowing multiple sellers and decision-makers to collaborate seamlessly. Features like document sharing, appointment scheduling, and real-time communication keep everyone on the same page.

With its focus on accelerating revenue growth, DealHub incorporates features like discount governance, approval workflows, and APIs that fetch real-time customer and pricing data from outside data sources into the system. This comprehensive approach empowers both sales and revenue operations (RevOps) teams to adapt to evolving business needs like pricing and product updates, all in real time. After closing a deal, automated billing and invoicing, subscription renewal, and contract management capabilities help reps keep track of customer accounts and reduce customer churn.

Defining Nue

Nue is a platform designed to streamline revenue operations, including the critical configure-price-quote process. Their quote builder is part of the platform and boasts a drag-and-drop interface for building quotes. This eliminates the need for complex formulas or rigid rules, allowing RevOps teams to adapt pricing structures on their own.

Nue handles various pricing models, including subscriptions, usage-based charges, physical products, and even services. It also enables sales teams to build product bundles, add features and upsells, and layer discounts strategically. This enables building comprehensive quotes that encompass a company’s entire customer offering.

Nue is native to Salesforce and integrates with e-Signature and CLM tools in the Salesforce AppExchange so sales teams can manage the entire opportunity without leaving Salesforce.

Product Features

Comparison of Key Features

Here are the key features and functionalities that DealHub CPQ and Nue’s quote builder have in common:

Product and service catalog management: Both platforms provide a centralized repository for managing your product and service offerings. This streamlines the quote creation process by allowing sales reps to easily add items to quotes and configure them based on customer requirements.

Quoting and proposal generation: DealHub CPQ and Nue’s quote builder enable users to generate professional quotes and proposals with ease. They offer features like customizable templates, automatic pricing calculations, and the ability to include product descriptions and images. 

Pricing rules and calculations: Both solutions can automate complex pricing rules and calculations, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your quotes. This eliminates the risk of errors and saves time for sales reps.

Discounting and tax automation: DealHub CPQ and Nue’s quote builder can automatically apply discounts and taxes based on predefined rules. This eliminates manual calculations and ensures that your quotes are compliant with relevant regulations.

Some features that distinguish the two tools are:

Complex configurations: DealHub provides an extensive range of product configuration and quoting features, including advanced product filtering, guided selling, configuration validation, and dynamic bundling.

Integration: Both DealHub and Nue integrate natively with Salesforce CRM. However, DealHub also integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Freshworks CRM, and other sales enablement tools like Gong, Docusign, and Slack.

Dynamic document generation: DealHub offers fully dynamic document templates for various types, whereas Nue uses basic templates and requires additional licenses for more complex document generation needs.

Contract Management (CLM): DealHub CPQ integrates contract management functionalities, streamlining the process of creating, negotiating, and approving contracts. This eliminates the need for separate CLM software. Nue integrates with CLM and eSign tools available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Digital sales room: DealHub CPQ provides a digital sales room feature with buyer engagement tracking. This creates a centralized platform for sharing sales materials, proposals, and other relevant documents with customers, fostering a collaborative sales experience.

ERP integration: DealHub CPQ integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, facilitating a seamless data flow between sales and other departments. This ensures data consistency and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Nue and DealHub’s core features:

A centralized revenue management hub including quote-to-cash (QTC), invoicing, subscription management, and sales engagement insights.A quote-to-revenue platform that includes a price builder, quote builder, billing, and revenue analytics.
Integration for third-party software, including Salesforce, Freshworks CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, revenue intelligence, billing software, DocuSign, and ERP systems.Native integration for Salesforce CRM and other tools available on the Salesforce App Exchange.
Fast integration and setup within weeks with no code required.Designed for ease of change and adaptability, with a fast and free implementation process.
Guided selling flows and sales playbooks make it easy for reps to target their ICP and develop validated configurations and custom quotes for each prospect.Provides revenue insights throughout the customer lifecycle.
Readily scalable for sales team growth and expansion.Nue is built specifically to service SaaS companies using Salesforce. Extensive customization could be required for companies in other industries.
With DealRoom, quotes and proposals are sent via a digital sales room, meaning only one point of interaction is necessary to complete the entire sales process.Interactive quoting makes the quoting process quick and easy. However, the absence of sophisticated approval workflows could complicate deal management processes for larger organizations.
Contract management, e-sign, dynamic document generation, and multi-dimensional pricing models out-of-the-box.Contract management and e-sign are available through additional Salesforce-compatible apps. Document generation with basic templates.
Subscription, renewal, and order management capabilities with rules-based quoting for complex sales.Subscription management, renewal, and agile billing capabilities.
Syncs with DealRoom, a centralized sales hub for deals – from product and pricing summaries to approvals and contracts.Provides a deal desk function in Salesforce with optimized discounting and approvals.
Cross-functional collaboration for quoting processes with audit trails.Audit trails reassure clients and reps of each activity in the sales process.
Web-based platform.Web-based platform.
Phone, mobile, and online customer support.Knowledge baseTraining and enablement from DealHub expertsPhone, email, and chat supportMaster classesTraining from implementation team

Customer Size

Ideal Customer Profiles

Understanding the type of customer each brand serves will help you select the right sales tool for your organization.

DealHub and Nue are both especially useful for software companies with recurring revenue models that monetize through subscriptions. Their pricing and subscription management functionalities, make them both suitable for SaaS companies. Their flexible billing capabilities are ideal for tech companies that offer usage-based or tiered pricing plans.

DealHub is also well-suited to companies in the computing, security, and manufacturing industries. Sales reps benefit from its product configurator that streamlines the building of accurate quotes and contracts for complex products and services. When a rep qualifies a lead and learns about their needs, the intelligence provided by DealHub’s platform can help them assemble a quote in minutes.

Customer Support

Support Features & Resources for Each Solution

DealHub and Nue offer numerous customer support options for implementation and ongoing support.

DealHub offers personalized onboarding and implementation services, as well as email, phone, and mobile support. It also has an extensive knowledge base, with downloadable guides for everything from RevOps optimization to product configuration.

Nue offers phone, email, and chat support to its users.


Breakdown of Pricing Options

Pricing is a critical factor to consider when selecting a sales tool.

DealHub’s pricing is entirely quote-based, so prospective customers need to talk to a sales rep before purchasing the product. Due to the unique nature of each company’s sales process and operations, the pricing and buying experience must be tailored to their specific needs.

Nue’s pricing is unavailable. Please contact them for pricing.

Product PricingContact salesContact sales
Implementation FeesOne-time implementation feeUnknown
Additional LicensesNo additional license feesUnknown

It’s important to remember that in the case of any quote generation software, there may be additional costs related to IT infrastructure and storage. Both DealHub and Nue offer scalable solutions based on the size of your business. And since they are both no-code tools with minimal implementation time, they are also low-cost solutions for long-term use.


Considerations for Choosing Between the Two Solutions

DealHub CPQ and Nue are both robust revenue lifecycle management tools. However, the right one for your business depends on whether you need CPQ software or a quote-to-revenue platform.

While other CPQ solutions might offer similar functionalities, DealHub emphasizes user-friendliness, dynamic pricing features, and configuration tools. Its ability to integrate with various CRM solutions and sales enablement tools sets it apart as a potential choice for businesses in various verticals that are searching for an easy-to-use revenue hub.

On the other hand, Nue is a comprehensive revenue management solution ideal for SaaS companies that want to stay within the Salesforce ecosystem.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement DealHub?

Implementation timelines are important for businesses planning to adopt CPQ. Being a no-code solution, DealHub implementation typically takes a couple of weeks to set up and customize to the organization’s specifications.

Does DealHub integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, DealHub specifically highlights its Salesforce integration as a key advantage for businesses already using the popular CRM platform.

Does integrate with Salesforce? integrates with Salesforce, allowing a smooth transition from quote generation to order processing and further revenue management.

Can handle complex product configurations?

Nue can generate quotes with complex pricing. However, its ability to configure complex products is unclear.

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