DealHub CPQ vs. Subskribe

For SaaS companies, optimizing the quote-to-cash process is essential. Our comparison of CPQ solutions DealHub and Subskribe focuses on features and integrations, helping RevOps and Sales Ops make informed decisions to enhance efficiency.

For SaaS businesses, streamlining your quote-to-cash (Q2C) process is essential for maximizing sales efficiency and revenue growth. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions play a vital role in this by automating workflows, ensuring accuracy in quotes and proposals, and accelerating deal cycles. But with a plethora of CPQ options available, choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge.

Below, we compare two prominent CPQ solutions: DealHub CPQ and Subskribe CPQ. We’ll analyze their core features, range of capabilities, and integrations to help you identify the ideal fit for your specific needs and budget. This comparison will equip RevOps and Sales Ops professionals with the knowledge to make an informed decision and optimize the Q2C process.


Compare DealHub CPQ vs. Subskribe

Traditional CPQ software may not be ideal for SaaS companies. SaaS has its own set of complexities, including subscription billing, tiered pricing, and self-serve options. A good CPQ for SaaS should offer features like subscription management, flexible pricing models, and integration with self-serve channels. Additionally, it should be easy to use and configure, with a focus on speeding up the conversion of quotes to orders. By choosing a CPQ that caters to these specific needs, SaaS companies can streamline their sales process and boost revenue.

DealHub and Subskribe stand out as CPQ solutions that meet the unique needs of SaaS and other subscription-based businesses. 

DealHub CPQ shines with its user-friendly interface and rapid implementation, making it ideal for businesses seeking a quick and cost-effective CPQ solution. Its digital sales room fosters collaboration between sales reps and prospects, allowing for real-time product demonstrations and streamlined communication during the sales cycle. This focus on streamlining the sales process can be particularly valuable for SaaS companies with high quote volumes.

Subskribe has garnered attention in the SaaS community for its focus on flexibility and ease of use, especially for small SaaS companies with a low number of SKUs. It excels at automating revenue recognition tasks, ensuring accurate financial reporting for companies with intricate subscription plans. 

Let’s review how DealHub and Subskribe compare on key features and functionality, ideal customer profile, customer support, and pricing.

Product Overview

Overview of each CPQ Solution

Although Subskribe and DealHub share some of the same features, like guided selling and the ability to handle complex pricing models, there are some differences to consider.

Defining DealHub CPQ

DealHub is an easy-to-use no-code CPQ platform that caters to the fast-paced world of SaaS sales with a feature set designed to streamline workflows and accelerate deal closure. DealHub prioritizes speed in the quote-to-cash process. Its intuitive interface allows sales reps to configure and price quotes quickly, even for complex subscription plans. Real-time pricing ensures accuracy and eliminates manual calculations or back-and-forth with pricing teams, saving valuable time in the sales cycle.

For SaaS companies where product demos and customer interaction are crucial, DealHub’s DealRoom feature is a game-changer. This collaborative workspace allows sales reps to share product demos, proposals, and other relevant materials with prospects in a single, secure location. This streamlines communication and fosters trust, leading to faster decision-making and higher conversion rates.

Understanding the recurring revenue stream is vital for SaaS businesses. DealHub’s subscription management capabilities allow sales reps to view customer subscription details and configure quotes accordingly. This holistic view ensures accurate renewal pricing and simplifies the onboarding process for new customers.

Defining Subskribe

Subskribe CPQ automates the complexities of SaaS pricing and revenue recognition, offering features specifically designed to handle these challenges. It empowers users to manage intricate subscription structures like tiered pricing with usage-based variables, recurring discounts applied at different points in the subscription term, and even one-time setup fees. This flexibility ensures accurate pricing for customized SaaS offerings.

Recognizing revenue for SaaS businesses can be a tangled web. Subskribe tackles this by automating revenue recognition tasks according to the subscription model. Whether it’s upfront recognition for annual plans or prorated recognition for monthly subscriptions, Subskribe ensures your financial reporting reflects the true picture of your revenue stream.

SaaS companies are known for innovation, and their pricing models often reflect that. Subskribe empowers you to configure custom pricing rules and logic tailored to your specific offerings. This allows you to create unique pricing scenarios that capture the full value proposition of your SaaS product and avoid limitations imposed by pre-set templates.

Product Features

Comparison of Key Features

DealHub and Subskribe share several core functionalities that benefit subscription-based businesses:

Quote configuration and subscription management: Both platforms allow sales reps to configure product bundles, set pricing based on subscription models (monthly, annually, etc.), and generate accurate quotes for customers. The ability to sync products to opportunities streamlines the process of creating customized proposals that reflect the specific needs of each prospect.

Reporting and analytics: Data-driven decision-making is crucial for SaaS businesses. DealHub and Subskribe provide reporting and analytics tools that track sales performance, quote conversion rates, and other key metrics associated with the quote-to-cash process. This allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize their sales strategy.

Digital sales room: Both solutions offer a customizable interactive digital sales room wherein buyers and sellers can collaborate on deals and content can be shared. 

Some features that distinguish the two tools are:

Workflow automation: DealHub offers workflow automation capabilities to streamline repetitive tasks and expedite the sales process. This can include functionalities like automatic quote approvals, order generation upon quote acceptance, and sending proposals electronically for customer signatures.

Automated approvals: While both solutions offer automated approvals, DealHub’s comprehensive approval workflows can handle parallel approvals simultaneously for multiple triggers such as legal, technical, and commercial. Subskribe’s approval automation is limited to deal size, discounts, and payment terms.

Guided selling and configuration: DealHub provides an extensive range of product configuration and quoting features, including advanced product filtering, guided selling, configuration validation, and dynamic bundling to streamline the sales process and enable quick ramp-up of new reps without extensive training.

CRM integration: Both DealHub and Subskribe integrate with Salesforce CRM and HubSpot. However, DealHub also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Freshworks CRM.

Document generation: DealHub offers comprehensive document generation capabilities, native eSignature solutions without additional costs, and personalized and dynamic DealRooms for buyer engagement.

Payment acceptance: Subskribe supports various payment methods and integrates with tax calculation services like Avalara.

Contract Management (CLM): DealHub CPQ integrates contract management functionalities, streamlining the process of creating, negotiating, and approving contracts. This eliminates the need for separate CLM software. Subskribe does not offer CLM capabilities, however, it offers integration with third-party eSignature solutions like DocuSign/PandaDoc.

Subscription amendments: DealHub manages subscription amendments both through the billing engine by finance and directly in CPQ by sales teams, offering greater visibility within the CRM.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Subskribe and DealHub’s core features:

DealHub CPQSubskribe
A centralized revenue management hub including quote-to-cash (QTC), invoicing, subscription management, and sales engagement insights.A quote-to-revenue platform that includes CPQ, billing, and revenue recognition.
Integration for third-party software, including Salesforce, Freshworks CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, revenue intelligence, billing software, DocuSign, and ERP systems.Integration for Salesforce CRM and HubSpot CRM, DocuSign, and Slack.
Fast integration and setup within weeks with no code required.Designed for fast implementation and set up within weeks. 
Guided selling flows and sales playbooks offer customized product and content recommendations. Sales reps can easily target their ICP and develop validated configurations and custom quotes for each prospect. Focuses on SaaS subscription sales and supports one-time, recurring, and usage-based models.
Readily scalable for sales team growth and expansion.Enterprise-grade solution offering scalability.
With DealRoom, quotes and proposals are sent via a digital sales room, meaning only one point of interaction is necessary to complete the entire sales process.Interactive digital sales room enhances deal collaboration.
Contract management, redlining, version control, e-sign, dynamic document generation, and multi-dimensional pricing models out-of-the-box.Contract management and doc gen integration with PandaDoc and e-sign is available through DocuSign. 
Subscription, renewal, and order management capabilities with rules-based quoting for complex sales.Subscription management, renewal, and agile billing capabilities.
Buyer insights available. Sales rep and manager activity streams provide visibility into deal status in real time.Sales reps can visually track progress in real time.
Web-based platform.Web-based platform.
Phone, mobile, and online customer support.
Knowledge base
Training and enablement from DealHub experts
Phone, email, and chat support
Training from implementation team
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Based on

Customer Size

Ideal Customer Profiles

Understanding the type of customer each brand serves will help you select the right sales tool for your organization.

DealHub and Subskribe are both especially useful for SaaS companies with a high volume of quotes. These could be companies offering productivity tools, marketing automation software, or cloud storage solutions with well-defined pricing tiers.

Affordability and rapid implementation are key advantages of both Subskribe and DealHub, making them a good fit for startups or early-stage SaaS companies and enterprise companies alike.

DealHub is also well-suited to companies in the computing, security, and manufacturing industries. Sales reps benefit from its product configurator that streamlines the building of accurate quotes and contracts for complex products and services. The buyer intelligence and guided selling provided by DealHub’s platform help sales teams assemble quotes in minutes.

Customer Support

Support Features & Resources for Each Solution

DealHub and Subskribe offer numerous customer support options for implementation and ongoing support.

DealHub offers personalized onboarding and implementation services, as well as email, phone, and mobile support. It also has an extensive knowledge base, with downloadable guides for everything from RevOps optimization to product configuration.

Subskribe offers phone, email, and chat support to its users.


Breakdown of Pricing Options

Breakdown of the Pricing Options

Pricing is a critical factor to consider when selecting a sales tool.

DealHub’s pricing is entirely quote-based, so prospective customers need to talk to a sales rep before purchasing the product. Due to the unique nature of each company’s sales process and operations, the pricing and buying experience must be tailored to their specific needs.

Subskribe’s pricing is unavailable. Please contact them for pricing.

DealHub CPQSubskribe
Product PricingContact salesContact sales
Implementation FeesOne-time implementation feeUnknown
Additional LicensesNo additional license feesUnknown

It’s important to remember that in the case of any quote generation software, there may be additional costs related to IT infrastructure and storage. Both DealHub and Subskribe offer scalable solutions based on the size of your business. And since they are both no-code tools with minimal implementation time, they are also low-cost solutions for long-term use.


Considerations for Choosing Between the Two Solutions

DealHub and Subskribe are both robust quote-to-revenue platforms. However, the right one for your business depends on whether you need CPQ software that supports advanced product configuration through guided selling (DealHub) or one with basic product selection capabilities (Subskribe).

While other CPQ solutions might offer similar functionalities, DealHub emphasizes user-friendliness, dynamic pricing features, and configuration tools. Its ability to integrate with various CRM solutions and sales enablement tools sets it apart as a potential choice for businesses in various verticals that are searching for an easy-to-use revenue hub.

On the other hand, Subskribe is a comprehensive revenue management solution ideal for SaaS companies in the Salesforce or HubSpot ecosystems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Subskribe automate revenue recognition for different scenarios?

Subskribe CPQ automates revenue recognition for different scenarios by leveraging pre-defined rules and adhering to accounting standards like ASC 606 (US) or IFRS 15 (International).

How advanced is DealHub’s guided selling capability?

DealHub has guided selling flows based on different target markets, business lines, product lines, geography, customer profiles, rep profiles, etc., as well as different sales guidance flows for different user groups, roles, and partners for an optimized selling experience that is configured to the company’s needs and sales processes.

What types of documents can be generated in DealHub CPQ?

DealHub uses rule-based, dynamic document templates and can generate quotes, detailed proposals, contracts/agreements, ROIs, without needing an additional third-party doc gen application. It can also personalize generated documents based on sales reps’ guided selling inputs.

Does Subskribe integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Subskribe integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot but does not integrate with Microsoft Dynamics.

Can Subskribe handle complex product configurations?

Subskribe can generate quotes with rule-based pricing such as combinations of one-time and usage-based services. However, it lacks integration with ERP and multi-dimensional pricing capabilities (i.e. different prices for the same SKU).

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